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French Memo Boards

We create these trendy boards using any of our quality fabrics.  If you don't see the style/theme fabric that you have in mind - email us via the contact form on the right side of this page  and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes.  We use a sturdy 1/2" thick craft foam board for the base of our boards, with a layer of extra loft batting beneath your fabric.   All of our boards include buttons covered with fabric and sewn onto the board at the ribbon intersections for a quilted effect.  Each and every board is unique and one of a kind - sure to be a beautiful conversation piece in your home.  Keep in mind that all of our work was custom made at some point, so if you would like a larger (or smaller) size than what we have shown, we can do it!
Select your size board below, and you will have the option to note which fabric you would like, as well as ribbon color.  Our most popular sized boards are 15x15 and 16x20.  Other common sizes are grouped together as well.



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